Stanley Gibbons GB Specialised Volume 1 Part 1 ‘Queen Victoria’ Stamp Catalogue (1st Edition)



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This catalogue provides an introduction to the history of the posts and the reforms that led to the uniform postal system. There are priced listings for the Treasury competition essays, line-engraved and embossed postage stamp issues and the associated Mulready and embossed postal stationery. With appendices listing “security overprints and underprints”, Specimen and “Cancelled” overprints, and an overview of the contemporary postage rates. To assist the reader, comprehensive notes and background information are included throughout plus an extensive bibliography of further reading. The entire catalogue has been thoroughly revised in line with current research and repriced to reflect the current market.

Surface printed issues, Departmental Officials, Postal Fiscals, Telegraphs, Circular Delivery Companies and College stamps will be included in Volume 1 Part 2. Scheduled for publication in 2022.

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