About Us

Philatelic Distributors Ltd is a New Zealand based company specialising in Stamp Collecting. Trading began under the name Philatelic Distributors in 1968.

The company has been owned by brother & sister team of Sue White and Chris Wells since 1981. Managing Director Chris began working for the company part-time while still at school in 1971. The company was founded and is still based in the coastal city of New Plymouth, within the province of Taranaki. This clean, green seaside environment is dominated by the dormant volcano, Mount Taranaki.

In 1986 we completed construction of our own custom designed premises, decorated on the exterior by the architect, with bright coloured squares symbolising postage stamps. From this base, we send stamp collecting material to collectors throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world. We offer you a promise to do our very best to fill your needs, backed by our money-back-guarantee on return of your purchase in good condition, should you be unhappy for any reason.

Our company has been a member of the New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association for over 25 years and our Managing Director Chris Wells is current President of that Association. We would love to help you fill your stamp collecting requirements.


For more information, please contact us.