Coin Collecting

Lighthouse Coin Albums

Lighthouse Optima Coin Album


A beautiful leatherette binder made in the best bookbinders tradition and stitched around the edges. Album size is 270 x 250mm. It comes with 10 pages plus 2 fly leaves, storing 304 coins. Album is housed in a strong cardboard slipcase.

Lighthouse Numis Coin Album


A top quality Lighthouse brand Coin Album, consisting of a 4 ring binder and 5 different size coin storage pages (one each of NH12, NH20, NH30, NH33 & NH48 to fit most coin sizes. Stores 143 coins. A white interleaf separates each page. Overall size is 225 x 210mm.

Premier Coin Album

3 Ring Padded binder, contains 5 assorted pages.


Premier Coin Album Refills

Each pack contains 5 pages.


20 Pockets - Pocket size 50 x 50mm.


30 Pockets - Pocket size 40 x 40mm.


42 Pockets - Pocket size 30 x 35mm.


63 Pockets - Pocket size 25 x 25mm.


Coin Box with Trays


Coin Box with 4 coin trays. Dark blue case with decorative engraving on lid and double snap-button closure. Overall size: W 360 x L 250 x H 50 mm. Includes 2 trays each for 24 coins up to 45 mm and 2 trays each for 40 coins up to 33 mm, for total 128 coins.

Coin Accessories

2 x 2 Coin Holders


Liner free of chemical softeners for optimal protection, airtight closure (self-adhesive holders) with 2 component adhesive, protection for your coin from direct handling, holders are also writeable for better identification.

Packs of 25

Coin Capsules

Made of extra durable, scratch resistant acrylic, compatible with Lighthouse coin boxes, secure locking, yet easy to open and sizes to fit most common coins.
The diameter given is for the inside of the capsule.

Lighthouse Banknote Album


A Vario F Ring binder available in 5 colours comes with 10 clear VARIO 3 C pages for banknotes up to 190 x 80 mm and 11 black interleaves.